About Travel TV

Travel-TV brings your Destination, your Hotel chain or your Hotel straight to the Public  
The TV Production is the heart of Travel-TV. Our job specialization in the fields of Destinations/Tourism and Hotel TV Net working's. Implementation on your web page, broadcasting on the Travel-TV Network Stations, Travelteam, Video-Mail, Individual Hotel-TV web pages, Implementation in the cutting edge Travel-TV Booking Engine, gives us the possibility to be responsive to the specific singularities of each production.

Open to all sides
We offer qualified and creative solutions which match to the respective situation. We offer a spectrum of formats to cover the requests of our customers.

Supervision from start to realization
Travel-TV cares for their customers - from planning to evaluation. We start from the rating of TV potentials go through consulting through camera positions and bannering. Finally we provide you with significant videos and the broadcasting on our Travel-TV Multi Channel Network Stations.

It is all about coordination
Travel-TV allocates you a professional editor for every project. He is the contact person and supervisor. His business is to intercept challenges of every description.

Promotion is  key
Cross promotion is our key for an effective media presence. Synergies are created between TV, Internet and print media. This increases the numbers of contacts. The perfect result in our view is a wide coverage of your company or event.

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